Monday, February 17, 2014

Fly Out Annecy 2013 - Flying in the mountains

The Fly-Out was organised by UPL.

From AVIASPORT the 4 planes (VA, VD, VG and VO) participated. For some of us it was the first flight in the mountains. We enjoyed an extraordinary atmosphere. Small round flight starting from Annecy, were organised in the Alps with landings at “normal usual” aerodromes. Special flights with French Alps instructors around the Mont Blanc with stop-over’s at/or Courchevel, Méribel, Alpe D’Huez, Megève etc. were the highlight of the Fly-Out. 
Last but not least we experienced an extraordinary stay in and around Annecy combined with exciting flights and with gastronomical dinners and local “Haute Savoie” specialities. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good start for 2014 !

2013 is over and we had unfortunately quite a bad flying weather and had therefore to cancel a number of our well organized fly-outs around Europe. Lets hope that 2014 will bring back the good weather enabling us to share a lot of flying experience.

Lets start 2014 with a beautiful video found on the net from a professional Airbus 319 pilot, Cesar Peter based in Brazil. Who said that professional pilots do not have fun with the landings?

Simply enjoy and watch in HD quality.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Flyout Saint-Pierre d`Oléron 2013

The 2013 flying season has some difficulties this year to properly start with the bad weather still persisting even during the month of May. The flyout to Saint-Pierre d`Oléron (LFDP) with its 800Nm return was therefore very shaky due to the weather forecast but at 11am local time, the team on the LX-ATT took off and shortly afterwards all the other teams got ready for taxi.

You can imagine the surprise after not even 15 minutes of flight when the team in the LX-AVO (which left last) contacted the Strasbourg ATC and was asked if they really wanted to continue as the other LX machines were stranded in Verdun (LFGW) and Charleville-Mezières (LFQV) while N422M was returning back to base. Our response then was `we will call you back`. We consulted each other, considered the clouds and decided to continue on our route at 2500ft for a while. The sky finally cleared and the slowest machine nearly made as first on destination. In the end we all had was a very smooth and enjoyable journey.

3 fantastic days on this beautiful island and many thanks again to Pierre and his wife for the great assistance and availability locally and to Bill for the usual perfect organization.

Enjoy the attached souvenir film of our trip:

Enjoy all the picture on Flickr with the following link:
Pictures of Aviasport Flyout to Oléron 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Live your dreams!

How best starting the 2013 season with another great video from our young pilot Lorenzo who is living his dream of flying.

The weather was quite miserable since November 2012 but any opportunity to fly high remains an incredible moment. Many thanks to Lorenzo and enjoy the videos.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aviasport student flying experience 2012

This is a great collection of various videos taken by Lorenzo during his practice for the PPL licence and afterwards. Beautiful views of the Luxembourg, Bitburg and Koblenz airfields. These are the airporrts were we spend the majority of our practice.

Simply enjoy being on the passenger seat !

Summer Flying 2012

This video includes a mix of the flying experience during the month of July and August in 2012 with a C172 SP based at the Aéroclub du Roussillon in Perpignan. We flew over a large part of France: Gap Tallard, Arcachon, Grenoble, Mimizan, the French Coast up to Monaco, Cannes, Cuers, Montpellier, La Rochelle and various other smaller fields. San Sebastian and Sabadell were also great destinations.

It is incredible how much you can do and see in one day with a plane. This will remain the best experience and many thanks to Mathieu who joined me on these beautiful destinations.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FlyOut Belle-île-en-Mer 2012

The Aviasport fly-out to Belle-île-sur-Mer in Brittany was probably the best way to end the 2012 flying season. On the last weekend of September filled with sun and blue sky we enjoyed the thrill of the landing in Belle-île on a 660m runway. 10 pilots and 5 planes joined this great fly-out organised by Guy. What an great experience and enjoyable moments under pilots.

Belle-île...we will be back in 2013!